The risk of cleaning your chimney with a vacuum cleaner

If you burn wood you will have to clean the ash up periodically. However, many people do not realise the dangers and the unnecessary fire risk that is caused when cleaning your stove or chimney with a household vacuum cleaner. Please be aware, an ash vacuum is the only type of vacuum which can be used to safely get rid of the ash built up in your chimney or stove. There are many reasons as to why you shouldn’t use a regular vacuum to remove your ash, the main one being that normal household vacuums are not designed to any heat. If a regular vacuum is used the ash cleaned up could cause the vacuum to set alight as depicted in the video.

Chimney Sweeping should be carried out regularly to remove the build up of soot, creosote and other debris which are deposited from the fuel you are burning on your stove or in your fires. It is this build-up which could potentially cause a chimney fire. How often your chimney should be swept is dependent on what fuel you are burning.

We provide a wide range of services:

Chimney & flue blockages cleared

Chimney and flues, sweep and vacuumed

Bird nest removal

Chimney Pots, Bird guards and cowls fitted

CCTV camera inspection

Certificate, recognised by all leading insurance companies, always issued

Damaged chimney pot/stack replacement

Flue smoke tests

Wood and multi-fuel stove cleaning & repairs

Solid fuel cookers repairs

Burner installation (Hetas Certified)


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