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The Telegraph recently published an article written by the talented Victoria Lambert emphasising on the importance of having your chimney swept regularly. Victoria was made aware of the dangers of not having your chimney swept one night when hers caught fire. Thankfully, herself, her family were not harmed and her house wasn’t too badly damaged. Many home owners are not aware of the potential dangers lurking when they postpone or forget to get their chimney swept.

‘Our blaze was one of the 7,000 chimney fires that ignite every year in England – which is a rate of about 20 a week, although they obviously cluster around now. Some can spread, causing serious damage. And most are, according to the Government’s Fire Kills safety campaign, utterly preventable.

The chance of a fire is greatly reduced if your flue is not thickening up with soot like an artery choking on cholesterol, and like many, we were overdue a visit from the sweep.’

Chimney sweep safety

Chimney Sweep

The majority of insurance companies now require chimneys and flues to be swept regularly. This is an integrated part of the insurances terms and conditions. Insurance companies will not pay for a claim where intervals between sweeps have been observed and documented by certification. Our dedicated team can ensure you of a clean Chimney or Flue ready for use! We do not contract out any of our work. All work is done by a fully insured member of staff.

Read the rest of the article here.

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