Get your Chimney Sweep booked in ready for the big day

Have you booked in for a Chimney Sweep?

There is nothing more picturesque than having the family sit around the fire embracing the Christmas spirit. However, what many people forget to do during the build up to Christmas is to get their chimney sweep. Not only is it essential to have your chimney swept ready for the big man to slide down with all your presents, but it is also a safety requirement.

There are many individuals out there that believe they can clean their own chimney. However, this is not recommended by ES Sweeps nor most Fire Safety Institutes. An experienced chimney sweeper will ensure all debris and build up is thoroughly cleaned. They will also check for and remove birds’ nests, as this is a common problem with open fire chimneys.

Our dedicated team will not only clean your chimney, removing the soot and debris, but we will also inspect the infrastructure of your chimney for any hidden damage. A highly beneficial service for those who have had a chimney for several years. Not only does a regular chimney sweep help prevent house fires, it can also save you money in the long run. This is because most chimneys will have some sort of flue liner installed. A flue liner is the first line of defence against house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. However, moisture can get trapped if the flue liner has a large build-up of soot and debris, corroding the liner. By having regular sweeps, you will increase the lifespan of your flue and ensure everyone in your house is safe from house fires and Carbon monoxide poisoning.

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