Your London Chimney Sweep

There is nothing more beautiful then having a blazing fire going on those cold days. However, what people aren’t aware of is the safety benefits that a regular London Chimney Sweep can bring to your London home. A lot of London house fires in the past have been caused due to a build-up of creosote in the interior of their Chimney. Creosote is a highly flammable substance which builds up in your Chimney or its liner as a result of burning wood. Something which a good Chimney Sweep can help prevent.

Because of this, homeowners are encouraged to have their Chimney Swept on a regular basis to remove this build-up and protect the house. The frequency of how many times you have your Chimney Swept is dependant upon how often the Chimney is used and what type of fire you have. For example, a wood burner would require more attention due to the build- up of Creosote being a lot higher. Yearly Chimney Sweep inspections should be conducted, despite how often your Chimney is in action. This is because pests can make nests in your Chimney, something which you may not be able to detect, unless you light your Chimney or get a Chimney Sweep inspection.

Chimney Sweep inspections will also ensure that everything is in working order and operating as it should. Our dedicated team can inspect and clean the chimney in your London home, if they decide upon the chimney inspection that it does not require a chimney sweep, they may advise you that they are fine until next time.


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