Southminster Essex – Firebelly double sided multi fuel burner

Firebelly FB1 double sided multi fuel stove fitted today. Complete with a 316 stainless steel chimney liner all ready for the onset of the cold weather.

Chimneys Sweeping Essex and Suffolk

Completed chimney work

Chimneys Sweeping Essex and Suffolk

Example of chimney work

Chimneys Sweeping Essex and Suffolk

Work conducted

Essex & Suffolk Sweeps are based in the South Essex area but cover all surrounding areas from Woodbridge in Suffolk right through to Kent areas.  We do not contract any work out and all works undertaken will be carried out by a certified and fully insured member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.  By choosing Essex & Suffolk Sweeps to service your chimney, or for any of the additional Gardening and DIY services we are able to offer, you can be sure that you will receive a professional, dependable and friendly service.


Most people are unaware each year in England, approximately 40-50 deaths occur from carbon monoxide poisoning. Whilst many more are admitted to hospital suffering from carbon monoxide poising.  In addition to this, the Fire Rescue Services attended around 7,000 chimney fires each year. Many of these fires & deaths could potentially be avoided by having your chimneys and flues swept regularly by a qualified chimney sweep.


Chimneys should be swept regularly to remove the build up of soot, creosote and other debris. These are deposited from the fuel you are burning on your stove or in your fires. It is this build up which could potentially cause a chimney fire.

How often your chimney should be swept is dependent on what fuel you are burning.

  • Smokeless coals: At least once a year
  • Wood: Once a season when in use
  • Bitumous coal: Twice a year
  • Oil: Once a year
  • Gas: Once a year


Insurance companies require chimneys and flues to be swept as part of the insurance terms and conditions. Many insurance companies will also not pay for a claim where intervals between sweeps have been observed and documented by certification.  Be assured that once your chimney or flue has been swept you should be issued with a Chimney Safety Certificate which is recognised by all leading insurance companies.


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