Professional & Clean Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Sweeping should be carried out regularly to remove the build-up of soot, creosote and other debris which are deposited from the fuel you are burning on your stove or in your fires. It is this build-up which could potentially cause a chimney fire.

How often your chimney should be swept is dependent on what fuel you are burning. You can give us a call and we will come and do an on-site assessment to tell you if you need your chimney sweeping, and how often is recommended to keep your solid fuel burning system working as well as it can.

Services Include:

Chimney & flue blockages cleared

Chimney and flues, sweep and vacuumed

Bird nest removal

Chimney Pots, Bird guards and cowls fitted

CCTV camera inspection

Certificate, recognised by all leading insurance companies, always issued

Damaged chimney pot/stack replacement

Flue smoke tests

Wood and multi-fuel stove cleaning & repairs

Solid fuel cookers repairs

Burner installation (Hetas Certified)

Why Choose a Guild Sweep?

Did you know there is no requirement for chimney sweeps to be properly trained? Anyone can turn up at your door and call themselves a chimney sweeping expert!

So how do you know that you are going to get your chimney properly swept or your stove properly serviced?

You choose a chimney sweep who is registered with the Guild of Master Sweeps!

The Guild of Master Sweeps provides in-depth and extensive training, which means a sweep from ES Sweeps is able to properly assess the job and quote correctly. We can carry out your clean thoroughly and ensure there is no damage to you or your property.

What’s more, we are trained to identify defects in your chimney, burners, or stoves. This will give you confidence in the safety of your solid fuel equipment.

As members of the Guild of Master Sweeps, we have to keep abreast of all the changes in regulations to solid fuel burning apparatus so your equipment will be up to modern standards.

We can service any equipment and advise you on the right type of fuel to reduce consumption. This makes your solid fuel burning better for the environment, and your pocket.

So, give us a call today and arrange an expert chimney sweeping assessment.

Call us on 07545 976 100 for a FREE quote.

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